This Is Your Tribe. These Are Your People.

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The Common Unity Of A Swim Shared

Swimming, like friendship, is a vital need in many of our lives. This became particularly evident during the pandemic as a wave of new people discovered the joys of being in the water as a means to both escape and to connect.

Swimming immediately changes how we feel - both physically and mentally - and gives us all common ground, no matter what our background or swimming ‘discipline’. To share a swim with others is a powerful thing indeed.

Democratising Quality Swim Education For Everyone

Swim in Common's aim is to bring the world together through the common unity of shared swimming experiences and to demonstrate how anyone can swim smooth, efficient freestyle with the right help.

We do this by offering a range of coaching services, engaging content, and method-based education in a language you can understand and easily apply.

In our mission to democratise quality swim education for all, we actively encourage you to liberally share our materials and methodology. You can start by sharing our 10-Steps To Better Freestyle for EVERYONE guide with your friends, your local swimming community, and anyone that helps teach or coach swimming. Where once there might have been imitators of our methods, now we say “Join The Tribe” – collectively, we are greater than the sum of our parts!

Together, We Can Raise The Bar

Through this dedicated focus on a much more inclusive access to quality method-based swim education for everyone, we aim to raise the standard of swim coaching globally and we need your help to achieve that.

If we succeed, not only do we help guard against an estimated 320,000 annual drowning deaths worldwide (the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death globally), but we can also significantly improve people’s wellbeing, confidence and enjoyment in the water.

We believe that’s a pretty clear purpose in life, or what the Japanese call "Ikigai", as reflected in the 4 circles of our logo.
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