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Swim Smooth 7-day Video Analysis Bootcamp

Learn how to perform a 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Session with Head Coach & Founder, Paul Newsome

Coaches wanting to up-skill

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What you are going to learn

Swim Smooth 7-day Video Analysis Bootcamp

Designed specifically for coaches wanting to learn the art and science of video analysis and stroke correction the Swim Smooth way. Led by Head Coach & Founder, Paul Newsome. Watch the video below for full details:
Throughout this course we will run through the following:

  • Foundation & Fundamentals (what gear should I buy?)
  • Hardware & Software
  • Recording 101
  • Video Analysis 101
  • Speed Coaching & Swim Types
  • Case Study Examples
  • Summary & Action Plan
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Course reviews

“I’ve been following Swim Smooth and Paul Newsome for years and read about the coaching program on the website. The course helped me get a better overview and framework on how to more effectively run my video analyses and lessons. The course also provides interesting details and insights into Paul’s way of working. For example what problem to work on first to improve someone’s swim style and why. In short, this focused course really helped me improve my method of coaching and improved outcomes for my clients and my own swims.”
Marieke Blomme
It delivered exactly what was promised.
— Philip, Australia
I watched the analysis and correction vids about 5x each. Excellent tutorials!

— Richard, NZ

Stroke correction steps to reduce drag are really quite simple to identify, recall and respond to.
— Sam, N.Ireland
Key understanding of the main equipment needed and the outline of how it will be used.
— Scott, UK
Keeping it simple - always simplifying it as a coach which is great to hear!
— Jemma, UK
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