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Paul Newsome

Everyone loves a good "before and after" make-over...

People love inspirational "Before and After" stories or how someone, like Charles below, went from "Zero to Hero" by knocking off 9 minutes over 1500m:

...but sometimes these stories can seem too cherry-picked and equally don't show the process/methodology behind that transformation live, as it happened, just that it apparently did. Today, that changes. Today, we put our full methodology on full display to help you truly improve.

Any uncanny resemblance to Alan Partridge

Over the last few months, we've been developing a really simple coaching strategy to help our 1-2-1 video analysis and stroke correction clients really gain from their time with us. We've been running these sessions for over 20 years, and as technology improves, so too have our offerings.

We have a team of 50 brilliant coaches dotted around the planet, all of whom have been extensively trained to this level of know-how and in this still-strange-COVID world, we thought what better way to showcase the skills of our coaches and the underpinning methodology than by giving you an in-depth insight into 7 real, live stroke correction sessions and how they improved as much as they did!

By following the 7 links below, you'll be able to watch Head Coach, Paul Newsome, work with David, Mel, Bryn, Robbie, Kaz, Steve, and Sara to analyze their strokes and correct them in realtime with all the coaching pointers to help develop your knowledge and understanding of the stroke.

7 Swimmers. 3 Clips Each. 1 Method.

Each link includes 3 video clips which the swimmers have kindly allowed us to share with you.

Clip 1: raw video footage (typically 3-5 mins)

Clip 2: the video analysis recording (typically 15-30 mins)

Clip 3: the stroke correction recording from a Coaches perspective (typically 25-40 mins)*

*please note that Bryn and Robbie's Clip 3 are split into a series of smaller clips - we apologize for the somewhat random grouping of these. 

All the videos are candid and uncut, exactly as they were delivered. We apologize for any minor profanity when Steve (in particular) gets quite excited about his new stroke!

David, Mel, Bryn, Robbie, Kaz, Steve & Sara

David - is Smooth but adamant that he will not breathe bilaterally - see the transformation happen before your eyes!
Mel - is visiting with her coach Mez. Mel and Mez have done some great work together to overcome Mel's Bambino tendencies, but have over-corrected her stroke slightly. Watch how switching to bilateral breathing fixes this instantly. Mel is due to tackle her first Half Ironman in December 2021.
Bryn - attempting a comeback swim across to Rottnest Island in February 2022. Watch Bryn refine his stroke timing and Swinger style to avoid injury. Bryn coincidentally runs a great podcast called WA Real if you're keen on hearing some insightful stories on health and wellbeing.
Robbie - in many ways, Robbie's stroke timing is the opposite of Bryn's - he's a classic Overglider seeking to improve his timing and breathing technique to develop his ability to sustain a good pace across to Rottnest Island in February 2022.
Kaz - is battling to get her speed up...she's got low legs representative of the female Arnie (Arnette) swim type, but it's not her head position (like Charles, above) that is causing her issues, it's the width of her pull through!
Steve - has been swimming in the Squad for some time, but one simple fix to his left-hand entry makes the world of difference to his efficiency.
Sara - is also due to take on the mighty Rottnest Channel Swim (all 20km of it!) but has some rotation and catch technique issues she needs to address in order to ward off the risk of injury.
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