Things That Go "BEEP!" In The Night (And In The Water!)

Paul Newsome
One of the most frequent questions I get asked, is just HOW do you use the FINIS Tempo Trainer PRO with your Squad swimmers - WHAT sort of sessions do you do, and WHY do you find it so effective?

Before we get started on the WHAT (cue, free sessions below to try) and the WHY (cue, free, in-depth video explaining all the concepts - useful both for swimmers and coaches), let's just look at the 40 second video below to refresh ourselves with HOW to use the Tempo Trainer PRO (✅ not hard).
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So, that's the HOW - wasn't hard was it?!

Now the WHY - this video (17 minutes) includes detailed session ideas and templates you can use in your own swimming.

Listen to Head Coach, Paul Newsome, as he goes through the nuances of using the Tempo Trainer and gives a live example of his Squad in Perth, Australia using it as such.
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Finally, let's look at WHAT sessions you could try to really enhance your swimming experience.

We've included four of our favourite sessions hot off the press from the pool deck in Perth for you to try 😉.

What you'll need to do first is decide what level of swimmer you're at. I like to break this down into virtual "lanes" much as you would do if you joined me for a session over here in Perth (one day!!).

Your options then are:

Lane 1 (L1) = CSS pace of ~1.55 to 2.20+/100m or covering ~1.5-2.0km in a 1hr session

Lane 2 (L2) = CSS pace of ~1.38 to 1.54/100m or covering ~1.8-2.4km in a 1hr session

Lane 3 (L3) = CSS pace of ~1.28 to 1.37/100m or covering ~2.6-3.0km in a 1hr session

Lane 4 (L4) = CSS pace of ~1.27/100m or faster or covering ~3.1-3.6km in a 1hr session

Once you've decided on this, you have 4 sessions to try which are great for incorporating all the ideas in today's video (please click on the appropriate lane link for each session):

Session 1 (L1 | L2 | L3 | L4) = "All The Angles" - This is a great session to address all the major physiological training levels, endurance, short / sharp speed work and finishing off with well paced CSS threshold work. A great session about 4 to 6 days out from a big competition.

Session 2 (L1 | L2 | L3 | L4) = "As You Like It" - You make this session as hard or as easy as you like it today by beating the beeper by as much or as little as you like. Approximate aim if you're feeling good is to be swimming at CSS +2s/100.

Session 3 (L1 | L2 | L3 | L4) = "Build Your Distance, Descend Your Recover" - You should not struggle to make these turn-around times today, so don't be afraid to push on a little bit for some faster times in the longer intervals.

Session 4 (L1 | L2 | L3 | L4) = "Massage Your Threshold" - Be wary of going off too fast otherwise your ability to get down to CSS -4s/100 will be severely compromised.

Good luck!

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