"I Thought I'd Swum Into A Shark!"

Paul Newsome

The Down River Nomad, Rob Hutchings

We've got a cracker of a podcast for you this week, a fireside chat with Rob Hutchings, author of The Downriver Nomad, as he tells his story about dealing with the adversity of an alcoholic parent, the heartache of trying to adopt a child, and how he's found solace in his open water swimming pursuits and his own triathlon adventures, including swimming the length of the Clutha River in New Zealand, a distance of 256km!

Rob has some profoundly deep messages in this podcast about discovering within yourself what swimming is all about to you, about how to find challenges without necessarily having to enter competitions, and how to really embrace the joy and release that swimming provides.

As a chiropractor and also a regular yoga and pilates student, Rob offers up some great advice with respect a more rounded approach to your swimming with regards to injury prevention and rehab too.
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