Viki's Amazing Breaststroke Is Incredible!

Gabriela Minarikova

One To Watch!

We'll let Gabi take up the story from here, but please first watch Viki's breaststroke (below) from 2018 before reading on and watching her triumph in the 50m race by over 5m! Truly incredible!

And, if you really can't wait to see the improvement, scroll down or simply check out her winning swim in 2021 here.
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How Are Breaststrokers Born - A Future Little Champion

Little Viki has been a member of our team for 4 years.

We are accepting children from the age of 4 to teach swimming.

For smaller children we recommend Baby swimming - organized playing in the water in a small pool with parents.

Only children from the age of 4 are developmentally mature for learning swimming in the true sense, to learn swimming strokes, although still very playfully and with an emphasis on basic swimming skills. Even with such training, Viki underwent, and after three years of focused and playful learning, when nothing was rushed, with an advanced sense of water, the next learning itself went easy on its own. And especially Viki found her way on her own.

Although we first add a backstroke and a crawl to the basic swimming skills because breaststroke is really a very technically demanding way of swimming and we start teaching it later, preferably from the age of 8, Viki showed that she is and will be a breaststroker.

And how do you recognise such a talented breaststroker?

The knees of the kids are constantly crouching, on their backs, on their bellies, when stepping on the water, with a kickboard or without, they just have them crouched all the time.

You try to explain to the child, to show - the tip toe, stretched legs, nothing works, you despair. And our advice is not to despair, consistently practice basic swimming skills with it and give the child time, space for free fun, it can happen, just like with Viki, that you suddenly see the breaststroke swimming by itself.

You never taught it, you just gave the child plenty of free time in the water, for free play, watching other swimmers and suddenly they were there, without a drill.

And Viki is proof when she learns sensitively and regarding the swimmer's innate disposition, you can also swim breaststroke Smooth and win even with the training only twice a week 😊

Love, Gabi.

P.S Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions - I'd love to hear from you!

Here's Viki's second video clip - enjoy:
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