What Does Front-Line Fighting Of COVID-19, Curing Swimmer's Shoulder Injuries, And Learning A 2-Beat Kick Have In Common?

Paul Newsome

TEAM Work Makes The Dream Work! Coach Julian Nagi Comes Up Trumps!

In order to be able to provide Jess with an excellent online video analysis session, it was essential that we started with some great video footage.

After Jess was selected for the prize, we reached out to her closest Swim Smooth Coach, Julian Nagi, in London, UK who filmed and prepared the footage for Paul to use in this week's blog - thanks Julian!

Paul first met Julian at ExCeL London in August 2005. Paul had hired a small booth and was launching Swim Smooth for the first time outside of Perth, Australia. Julian and Paul struck up a conversation about their joint love and passion for coaching and shortly thereafter Julian had invited Paul to his swim squad at the Park Club in Acton to run one of the first-ever 1-day Swim Smooth Clinics.

To this day, Julian still operates from this awesome facility and went on to become one of our first Swim Smooth certified coaches.

The Lucky Swimmer

The conversation with Jess - a respiratory specialist from London, UK who's been fighting on the front-line over the pandemic - was so engaging that we thought you might benefit from her story in podcast form, but equally to review her video analysis visually too.

The video analysis commences at ~20 minutes into the clip.

In it, we discuss the following:

1. how Jess's hand entry has led to some shoulder injury woes and how to fix them
2. how Jess's pull-through on her left precludes her from being able to breathe bilaterally as comfortably as she'd like
3. how Jess has been unable to master a 2-beat leg kick for marathon swimming because of her catch and pull through...fix these up though and she (and you!) could be onto a winner!

A Quick Aside:

Interestingly enough, ExCeL London is where Jess did her first ever open water swim, and the Park Club is where Paul filmed double-Olympic gold medallist, Rebecca Adlington in 2011 (again, after a great intro by Julian!). A small world!
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