Becky Adlington, Double-Olympic Gold Medallist!

Paul Newsome

Podcast With Our Hero!

What a cracker of an episode Paul Newsome and co-host Lucy Gibson have in store for you today with special guest, Rebecca Adlington - double Olympic gold medallist and former world record holder in the 800m freestyle event with an incredible 8:14.10. 

Becky has recently got married and had her second child, Albie, so we are incredibly grateful to have spent an hour in her company discussing her story and rise to dominance in the swimming world.

As well as her amazing career, the podcast covers life after swimming, her great relationship with coach Bill Furniss and a 20 question Pub Quiz challenge to boot! Join us and challenge yourself to 100m of fast freestyle for every time Paul says “you’re my absolute favourite swimmer” without reservation. 

Ladies and gents, Rebecca Adlington - whoop!
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