15 Of The Most Spectacular Places To Swim In The World!

Paul Newsome

Sharing What We All Have In Common...

Things are starting to turn a little 'brisk' in the Swan River and Indian Ocean for me and my crew Down Under and I can't wait to finally hop on a plane ✈️ again and travel to Europe for our Coach Education Course starting on 30 May in Mallorca, Spain.

In an effort to bring our team of coaches a little closer together before the course, a few have been sharing photos of their favourite swimming spots. It's been a great exercise to share what we all have in common - swimming in amazing places!

My personal favourites...

Personally, I can't go too far past Challenge Stadium (now called HBF Stadium) as one of my all-time favourite pool venues. I love this place for two reasons:

  1. when I arrived in Perth 20 years ago, literally everyone I told that I was a swimmer, suggested I had to check this place out with it's 3 x 50m Olympic-sized pools, used at two World Championships (1991 and 1998). Shortly after that I applied for my first coaching gig there, and the rest - as they say - is history.
  2. if ever I'm feeling a little 'low' with my swimming, I'll put on my fast swim pants and go for a swim in the Outdoor 10 lane pool. It's the fastest pool I've ever swum in and I always leave with a smile and a good swimming ego rub to boot!
I've been very lucky to have swum in some amazing open water swimming spots all around the world over the years. Given that I started out in open water swimming as a skinny 16yr old triathlete petrified of swimming outdoors, this has literally changed my life. The spot above is Cala D'Or on the southern tip of Mallorca, Spain and definitely a favourite spot of mine (for obvious reasons), but, to be honest, any time I'm in the open water I'm free, happy and feel like I'm as close to flying as I'll ever get!
Finally, here are 15 of the most spectacular places to swim in the world as listed in Timeout magazine - I can't say that I've swum in any of these spots, but maybe you have?


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